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  1. 安装Shadowsocks-libev,科学上网

    使用【Chrome】浏览器配合【Proxy SwitchySharp】,通过【Shadowsocks-libev】可以访问外网。 1、下载Chrome 由于google被封,首先需要修改hosts可访问google . 修改hosts后,可下载Chrome 。当然也可以到sina下载 。不过不修改hosts,无法访问google商店。 至于【Proxy SwitchySharp】可以goagent下载,压缩包里有,并且有goagent的设置备份文件,可修改下适应ss。 2、开通一个vps服务器 …

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  2. Welcome to Ghost

    You're live! Nice. We've put together a little post to introduce you to the Ghost editor and get you started. You can manage your content by signing in to the admin area at <your blog URL>/ghost/. When you arrive, you can select this post from …

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